West Mokoan
Solar Farm

Located just off Benalla-Yarrawonga Road, the proposed project site has a predominantly even surface and is generally clear of natural constraints. The solar farm is well positioned to ensure it receives the most amount of sunshine in northern Victoria.

Benefits for
the Community

The local community will see an influx in jobs, business and economic growth as well as having thousands of Australian homes powered by clean, renewable electricity. Our community investment program will also further support the wellbeing of the local citizens of Benalla.

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South Energy is proud to present the West Mokoan Solar Farm, a utility-scale renewable energy project that will help transition Australia into a clean and sustainable country.  

West Mokoan Solar Farm is estimated to have a network capacity of 190 megawatts, which will bring clean and renewable electricity to approximately 68,000 homes in Australia.

Carbon emissions and greenhouse gases will be greatly reduced with the West Mokoan Solar Farm as well as further mitigating the risks of climate change. The local economy will also prosper as business opportunities and tourism growth flourishes throughout the project’s various stages.

Our Vision

The global challenge set by climate change demands to be met head on with responsive and effective action. At South Energy, we are paving the way to a more sustainable future, and the proposed West Mokoan Solar Farm will prove to be a huge step forward for the vision. This means that we can guarantee a clean and renewable source of green energy for the local community while simultaneously minimising our footprint on the environment.

The inexhaustible abundance of solar energy means that it can be relied upon to be a source to produce clean electricity. With our passion and innovation, we are representing a charge towards a more sustainable Australia where a bright future is assured for generations to come with the West Mokoan Solar Farm.